Employee Highlight

Every year, an employee from each of Ozark’s four branches is selected as their branch Salesperson of the Year. They are honored in front of their co-workers at an annual sales meeting at the beginning of the new year. The Springfield Branch 2011 Salesperson of the Year was awarded to Pamela Ogden.   



Pam, a customer service representative, has worked for Ozarks Coca-Cola/Dr Pepper Bottling Company for almost 6 years. She originally started out part-time and is now working full-time in the Tel-Sell department. Pam is in charge of receiving tel-sell calls, dispatching calls, and coordinating special events.

Pam’s superior said this as to why she was chosen, “Pam is very dedicated to customer service and does an outstanding job of promoting our brands. This is what sets her apart, and what helps to set Ozarks apart from our competition.” 

Outside of work, Pam enjoys working with her church youth group, traveling, and being involved in a reading program with kids in the Kickapoo school district.

Pam is often found with a smile on her face as she talks with customers who call in with service requests. Who knows, the next time you need to call in an order with Ozarks, you just may have the pleasure of speaking with our 2011 Saleswoman of the year!