Now Offering Iconic Bottle in a 2-Liter Size

The shape of things in Ozarks supermarkets is changing. Beginning May 15, 2009 consumers will notice a difference in the traditional two liter bottles of Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper brands. Ozarks Coca-Cola/Dr Pepper is the first bottling company west of the Mississippi to produce the new contour shape two liter bottles.

“The contour bottle shape has been a symbol of the Coca-Cola brand since 1916 and in 1960 became one of only a handful of packages to receive trademark status. It has been called the most recognized container in the history of the World,” said Ed Rice, CEO.

Consumers find the contoured shape of Coca-Cola’s proprietary container easier to pour and serve. “We are always eager for a challenge and worked to be the first bottler outside test markets to bring this change to our retail customers,” said Rice.